Uncle Larry's - Company Message
About Us
There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that the products and services that we provide are not only good for today, but good for tomorrow and into the future relationship that we have worked so strongly to build with our customers.
At Uncle Larry's Pet Treats we are looking for a relationship with our customers which will last a lifetime. That is why we only source the highest quality, Locally sourced meats to use for our All Natural Treats. Try Uncle Larry's All Natural Pet Treats, and you and your furry friend will understand where all of our passion goes...into our pets!
A short history of our company:
Uncle Larry's All Natural Pet Treats is a family owned and run business which started with one very simple desire: to provide a high quality dog and cat treat that is affordable & healthy! The meat we choose, for our treats, is Only Locally sourced within the United States. We believe that pets are a member of the family, and family deserves only the best!